Alternative Chiropractic & Nutrition, PC
Thomas N. Campbell, DC

Caution: Contact your prescriber before you stop any meds. You could hurt yourself.
  • Pharmaceuticals seem best used for first aid, emergencies, crisis infections, surgeries, some genetic
    disorders, etc.
  • There are now medical practices set up solely to get people off drugs to improve health and reduce costs.
    In my own practice, I cannot make such a recommendation as it would be outside my scope of practice.
    However, the patient can work with their MD to reduce and hopefully eliminate as many drugs as possible
    to reduce the toxic load. When this has been done, health has improved, especially when the diet
    changes and the targeted nutritional supplements are included.
  • Ironically, TV drug advertising is a warning about side effects, some of which are so dangerous as to be
    humorous. Many of my patients have remarked, "Who would take that?"
  • Our country consumes more pharmaceuticals than any other developed nation. Studies have shown us
    to spend more for our health care and perform the worst of the top 11 economic nations and 37th on the
    World Health Organization's then list of 191 countries.
  • Whenever clients come to my practice taking prescriptions, I know that person has the potential to enjoy
    much better health, spend less time and less money, if they make changes.
  • Nutritional therapies have performed well. Diet change is critical. I now tell clients that if they don't know
    what's in their food, they will hurt themselves.
  • Quality supplements and organic foods match DNA. Man-made products lack intelligence of complexity
    and typically have a toxic effect.
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